Building bridges between existing professionals and beginners whilst strengthening networks Volunteerism as a practice of corporate social responsibility aids corporations by strengthening employee and scholar’s satisfaction and retention internally and by strengthening corporate reputations and connections with stakeholders externally.
Of particular interest it is a paramount practice and procedure used by companies to encourage and support volunteer’s activities of their employees and the society.
As Castal Hub we propose a connection of the position and importance of volunteerism in the corporate practices of social responsibility therefore we call upon persons with the urge to sacrifice their time and build a body that will be aimed at sustaining the society in the future.
Other companies also utilize similar practices to encourage and support employee volunteerism. Castal highlight the practices that managers could consider to support their corporate social responsibility efforts and offer several suggestions for future consideration.
We sit to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of taking a corporate stand on sensitive social issues and suggest guidelines that leaders should consider to increase the probability of success.


  • Opportunities in social responsibility/ volunteerism.
  • Proposal writing.
  • Community networking.
  • Leadership and governance.
  • build relationships with customers.
  • Manage relationships via push approach in communication (“What can we sell customers?”).
  • Cultivating customer loyalty.
  • Corporate accelerators.
  • Open innovation.
  • Corporate innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Startups.
  • Partnerships.
  • Corporate venturing.
  • Business incubation.

At Castalhub we seek to empower general startups and major on sources of innovation, as we employ emerging technologies to invent products and reinvent business models.
We open doors for volunteers who wish to make good use of their time and impact a the society through partnership with Castal Hub Ltd