Job offer: JOB062020SA

Position: Family Physician

Positions Open:  2

Job description:

  1. Working as home service and perform physical evaluations on patients who are seeking medical attention for injuries, illnesses or any other medical concern.
  2. Order screening tests and other measures that aid in the diagnostic process and review reports, labs, x-rays, EKGs and all other screening methods.
  3. Develop personal professional relationship with patients.
  4. Create patient specific health programs that make use of historical data.
  5. Monitor and adapt individualized health programs over time.
  6. Schedule and administer follow up examinations.
  7. Make use of patients’ health data in medical analyses
  8. Offer comprehensive wellness exams.
  9. Prescribe medication as part of a treatment plan in accordance with Saudi council of cooperative health insurance, laws and perform drug and disease utilization reviews on a regular basis to ensure quality treatment of patients and to avoid any drug and/or therapy conflicts.
  10. Administer vaccinations.
  11. Perform minor medical operations.
  12. Attend regular meetings involving professionals who are a part of the health care team.
  13. Follow protocol set by the directors of the health clinic, adhering to medical ethics and standards. And provide recommendations in updating protocol.
  14. Maintain working knowledge of medical advancement, new research and upcoming technology.
  15. Educating patients in health management and disease prevention.
  16. Interacting with patients, comforting them and explaining complicated medical terminology quickly and clearly.



  1. Energetic, organized, compassionate call Ma motivated and dedicated to meeting the long-term health needs. 
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. Ability to manage patients with different types of personalities.
  4. Motivation skills
  5. Professional behavior.
  6. Drive to continually learn and grow. 
  7.  Instructing and teaching skills. 
  8. Must have computer skills.
  9. Must have intensive education and clinical expertise.
  10. Board certification and board eligibility in family physician medicine. 
  11. Licensed as a physical Therapist 
  12. Ability to communicate clearly with patients and team member specialists and doctors.
  13. Ability to perform effectively and accurately in an often chaotic environment
  14. Basic Life support (BLS) certification.
  15. Advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) certification.
  16. Preferable valid courses in ATLS, PHTLS or ITLS.
  17. Minimum 3 years of experience in a community health care setting.


The professional 

  • Marital status                                           : ANY
  • Required age                                           : 25 to 40
  • Gender                                   : Any
  • Basic salary                 : 1520/1920 USD
  • Housing allowance                                : provided
  • Food allowance                                      : 100 USD
  • Air tickets   return trip                             : provided
  • Other allowance           : based on company policy
  • Vacation             : one day a week
  • Medical insurance           : provided
  • Site of employment                 : Riyadh
  • Regular working hours           : 10 hours
  • Overtime   :150 per cent per hour rate based on salary
  • Probation   : 3 months
  • Number of years of experience required   : 3 to 5 years minimum
  • Company activity : Home Medical Service Centre

Candidates who feel confident that they can perform highly in the fast-paced organization are encouraged to send in their application through email to: by close of business 20th January 2021. Attach your current updated CV, ID, Academic certificates and professional testimonials.